Day 8 – Listerland (and not Hanö)

Listerland is the name of a peninsula that sticks out next to Solvesborg. The idea was cycle to Nogersund at its far end, get the ferry to the island of Hanö and spend half the day walking around it. Barbro & myself were there 3 years ago, written up in a series of 4 blog posts starting here – and I never did get to blog about the song “Herr Mannelig”, and I haven’t got time now 😦

That is Nogersund, with the stern of the Hanö ferry visible on the right, over towards the shed. After visiting Hanö we would then cycle over to Lars’ holiday house where he would put on a magnificent barbecue! But, having ridden bikes continuously for 8 days and with 7 more to come, we decided on a change of plan; we hired a coach and went, sans velocipedes, directly to Lars’s house. Which saved people having to find it, as it’s in the middle of nowhere in an area with no signs; it’s sort of here:

The coach driver – normally he drives it as a school bus – gave us a 45-minute guided tour of the whole peninsula, free of charge. The main industries here are (a) potatoes, grown for starch which is used in making paper and (b) farming mink, which are fed with fish caught on the coast here. Did you know that girls get minks the same way that minks get minks … Lars had specially imported his sons to help with the BBQ.

and the food was, of course, very good. We ate it.

Here we are, at the trough. What you have to do, dear reader, is click on those latter two photos and download them, then display them and swap between one and the other and back again. After the BBQ we went for a walk down to the harbour; here’s group 2 on their walk:

And that is the harbour. Out here, you get your own beach:

Flocks of geese wafted across the sky. They have just taken off, and will fly without stopping, to Siberia. (Siberia is very nice – I went there, and in 1981 to Liberia, which was also very nice before a 14-year civil war wiped everything out). The paper factory and power station stewed quietly on the horizon.


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