Hanö (1)

Over to the tiny port of Nogersund to get the ferry to Hanö. We came too early, and it wasn’t there yet.

Well, perhaps we can whoop it up in Nogersund. There’ll be a Byaloppis in 4 weeks. “Loppis” is a garage sale, and this garage sale will involve the entire town (“by”). But look, here’s the ferry. Everyone piles on, then it delays sailing for a few minutes because the local painters have stuff to send to the island.

The crossing is windy, choppy and wet with spray. Bad weather looms, and the ship is not quite horizontal. After 20 minutes we reach the settlement on the island.

Here’s a Google Earth view and a decent map. 10,000 years ago, the Baltic Sea was 50m higher and only the brown bit of the island was above water. The grey lines are rows of rocks left behind by retreating glaciers.

We walked up that road going NE, to the lighthouse, passing these rows of rocks:

The locals have set up some fibreglass dragons and a nature walk for kids. You follow the piece of string and read the signs.

This would break up the walk to the lighthouse, but it is only about 400 yards from the quay and easily walkable in 10 minutes. Voila, le lighthouse.


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